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hello, i'm julia child. welcome to my house and to my kitchen and to another culinary adventure with one of america's master chefs. today, joining me from chicago with an authentic mexican menu is rick bayless, chef/owner of chicago's frontera grill.
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rick bayless is going to show us a delicious salad using jicama and pickled onions. that sounds good. that's right. shall we start? yeap. the first thing we do with the onions is we've sliced them already and we're going to put them into boiling water. and they're going to blanch for about 30 seconds to a minute we don't want to cook them too much. and when they slightly soften they will lose some of their color into the white part so that you get red and white all together. turn that's beautifully pink. nice. and while those are cooking why don't we measure in the other ingredients. okay. we've got this great mortar over here. and we're going to grind some spices in it. now, is that a mexican mortar? yes it is, it's made out of lava rock. it looks like it. this is one of the pieces of equipment that people in their homes in mexico treasure and pass from generation to generation.
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we're going to grind some cumin seeds. we've got a quarter of a teaspoon of them and a quarter of a teaspoon of black peppercorns together. you could do this in any kind of mortar or little coffee grinder, spice grinder. it's more fun doing it with this. it is. and you get all that great aroma coming out of it. we don't want to grind them too much just enough to crack them like that. we're going to put those into the bowl. now these should be ready by now. and we'll drain them. you can see that they haven't cooked too much but they're just losing a little bit of their color. it takes a lot of the bite out of them too, doesn't it? it does, they call that de-flaming in mexico. ah huh, de-flaming. okay now, we've got a couple of other things. we've got mexican oregano to add to it. now this is that large leaf oregano. it's not related at all to mediterranean oregano.
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and in mexican markets they always sell it just like this. in that big leaf form. some of the stems still in there, and so forth. put a half teaspoon of those in. we need... are they dried? they are, yes and it's only sold in the dried form. yeah. and then we've got a quarter teaspoon of salt. a little bit of cider vinegar
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now, he maintains that no rape occurred. his lawyer indicates that he will challenge whether any possible sexual activity was consensual. he says that mays and the alleged victim in this case are boyfriend and girlfriend. well, all of that is being contradicted, of course, by prosecutors who had a probable cause hearing last october told the court, in their words, that
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the defendants treated the alleged victim like a, quote, a toy and as they put it, we don't have to prove that she said no. we just have to prove that they are doing things to her. she's not moving. she's not responsive. and the evidence is as they put >> and extraordinarily disturbing, i might add. susan candiotti, thank you. i also want to talk more about this notion that people, some people, witnessed and not only did not dot right thing, they did some of the worst things imaginable. dr. drew pinsky joins us now along with rosalind who has been dealing with teen boys and our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. rosalind, let me begin with you. posting these things online, we have got to understand is that what it's looking like to me is that there's a lot of boys in this community who do not have faith in the adults, that they will do the right thing. they have taught them the basic necessities and rules of how you
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conduct yourself. >> and just to sort of dof tail off of that, dr. drew, jump in here. i know that you have a very strong opinion about alcohol and how that fuels the flames but let me tell you, alcohol has been around for a long time and this is one of those stories that sort of beats the rest. >> yes. we should all be disgusted and we should all be scared to death because here's what all of us that are parents are standing here doing, not my kid. but the fact of the matter is we live in a world that we don't know that, pornography has been raining down on these kids and they are treating particularly women, these young men, as objects because that's what they get on the internet these days and unless you actively parent against that, you could be stuck with this. >> so, drew -- >> wait, ashleigh. any adverse outcome, you find alcohol and drugs. whether it's rape, stds, unwanted pregnancies, whatever it is, it's alcohol and we need
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to become much more aggressive on alcohol. >> and this was a very end of summer party at a coach's house that had a full ball and little plastic glasses provided. clearly there was a lot of alcohol. >> i told my kids, if they go to a party where a parent is doing that, i'm going to call the sheriff's. because they are accountable for this. >> listen, they will see civil suits in this, make no mistake. i see this a story down the line. go ahead, rosalind. >> the coaches that i work with -- there are extraordinary coaches, know that they are teaching boys about what it means to be a man. and so what i'm thinking is that the coach failed these children in the most fundamental way possible and for the parents out there, when you're thinking about what do you want to teach your sons, it is not good
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enough, in my experience, parents are saying to boys four things. they are saying, be a gentleman but they are not really saying what that looks like and they are also saying things like, don't get her pregnant, don't get an std. if you do something, don't do something stupid and if you do something stupid, don't get caught. this is what boys are telling me that their parents are telling them. >> on the subject of coaches -- >> why are we telling them that? >> the "new york times" sent one of their reporters to ask this coach, the head coach why weren't these players benched after these charges and the response that they got, you made me mad now. you're going to get yours and if you don't get yours, somebody close to you will. and so this is the idolized head coach of this team. jeffrey toobin, there were other voices, clearly, there were lots of photographs that included boys. how do you tell the difference between a conspirator, somebody who also needs to be charged and somebody who is a bystander who
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doesn't have a legal duty to respond? >> this story is really only a little bit about law. it's mostly about values and culture and parenting. because the rapists, if they are rapists, can be prosecuted and obviously the best thing would be if there were photographs, some sort of recordings like that. but the larger community that protects people who rape, that gives kids alcohol, most of that is beyond the reach of the law. the kids who are laughing, the kids who are saying stupid things. >> not in california. >> well, giving the alcohol, you're right about that, drew. that is a crime. but the kids who are laughing and there's a 12-minute video online about kids saying stupid things. i don't see that as a crime. i see that as a real stupid, bad kid. but that's not something that the law can or probably should get involved in. >> no. right. it's a clarion call for parents
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to be careful about what's happening to their kids because of the culture we live in. think about the world we're living in, jeffrey. that's exactly right. this speaks volumes about our culture and it's not about that little town. it's something that we and parents have to pay attention to. >> i've seen plenty of prosecutions, by the way, of people who think they are posting a cute picture of their girlfriend and they get slapped with child sex offenses, child pornography suits and they end up being sex offenders for life and these are teenagers. is that something that these kids could face? >> it's possible. and, remember, one of the two defendants already is charged with distributing a photograph of an underaged -- >> could he end up being a registered sex offender for life? >> of course. he's also being charged with rape. that would make him a sex offender. >> if he beats those charges, you can't necessarily beat the charges when they have your phone and you posted something. >> that's true. but the legal aspect of this is actually fairly straightforward.
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you know, you find out -- you get the victim's testimony, you get as many witnesses as you can, but this story is so much bigger than that and so much more complicated because most of what apauls us, what the police chief is talking about, is something that morale cannot reach. >> rose lind, the police chief says that he has been struggling and begging for witnesses to come forward and help in this investigation and so far it looks as though only two or three teammates have come forward and have ended up being prosecutorial witnesses in this case. am i crazy to think that that's crazy, that people are not coming forward? >> no, you are not. what's happening is that for good reason -- and i don't know what that reason is -- but i know from working with kids for a long time that they are not coming forward for a long time because they think if they come forward they will be the ones who are punished. they don't have confidence in
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the adults in the community that they he will do right by them. i am begging parent, begging them who are in in community, if you say it's just a fluke, just a gmpse into their life. it's a window. we got a little moment of what's been going on in their lives. ill see it, like dr. drew says, i see it around the country and parents consistently say, it's just a fluke because we don't want to ask ourselves the hard questions. >> it's also not that new. i think a lot of people will remember the jody foster movie "the accused" based on a real case in massachusetts. >> grownups. >> grown ups but a lot of the same similarities. a rape observed by lots of other people, no one came forward. >> cheered. >> cheered. but none of that -- so that spirit among certain men is not something that was invented with facebook or twitter. >> i've got to go but i need to ask you really quickly and literally i'm out of time. those kids that came forward and ended up being witnesses for the prosecution, immunity, is that
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part of that deal? is that snob. >> it is possible but they might not need it. the question is, what do they need immunity for? certainly that would be something that if they got lawyers they'd be asking for, though. >> it's distressful on so many levels. dr. drew pinsky and ross lind wiseman and jeffrey toobin, thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. >> wish we could talk under different circumstances. coming up next, they swear in a brand new congress and the question is, are we all going to be swearing at the brand new congress soon? a possibility of more budget showdowns to come. yay. all of that when "360" continues. [ male announcer ] the more you lose, the more you lose
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rough politics tonight, the terrifying likelihood of fiscal cliff the sequel. fiscal cliff part 3, fiscal cliff the menace and a whole lot more headlines like that, trust me. but one thing is very clear, people, trust me, a star, the original john boehner is going to be back to reprice his role. as he's known to do, he got a little emotional. >> if you come here humbled by
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the opportunity to serve, if you've come here to be the determined voice of the people, if you've come here to carry the standard of leadership not demanded by our constituents but by the times, then you've come to the right place. [ applause ] >> speaker boehner will have fewer republicans in his camp for the 113th congress but he will still have that all-important working majority. in the meantime, over on the senate side, illinois republican mark kirk, watch closely, these are 45 more strides in a comeback from a stroke. he made it congress. it was bipartisan. it was happy. it was inspiring to americans. and then it ended. will it be the only inspiring moment for us, though? joining us now, "new york times" op-ed columnist charles flow who
5:23 pm
sees not much inspiration and the lovely and talented margaret who haver and chief business kor spoon dent ali velshi. i want to start with you, ali. i just have to laugh with this because otherwise i will cry. i'm just so tired of this. we are all tired of it. and yet you say we've got valentine's debt ceilings, st. patrick's day something questions sister and then the buck jet deal after that. is there any reason to believe it's going to be different? >> the only good thing is that everybody's engaged. americans know more about their economic issues and budgetaryd. they want to get something done. the biggest problem is there is a lot of misinformation about what is going on. margaret is not happy that i've been saying this. the gop needs to learn the difference between a debt and debt ceiling. it was put in there so the treasury didn't have to keep
5:24 pm
issuing bonds. most other countries when they issue legislation that has mo y money, it is spent. it's meant to give treasury enough room to issue bonds so they didn't have to keep doing it. using the debt ceiling and the ability to pay our bills for things we've already spent is just outrageous. it was outrageous in august and the republicans continue to use this language that somehow it's to control spending. it's just incorrect. >> so back them up only in the fact that there are plenty of republicans who say, good god, do not use this. this will kill us. >> the question is, if we went over the cliff or didn't fail to raise the debt ceiling, certainly there would be dire consequences. the question is, when else is the congress of the united states going to do anything proactively about spending? they have proven definitively over the last 70 years that they cannot do it. and this has become, for better or for worse, the pivot point. the demarkation, the line in the
5:25 pm
sand, president obama says, is he not going to tolerate a debt ceiling fight but the truth is, it doesn't matter whether he's going to tolerate it or not. >> it's not for better or worse, margaret, and you know that. you know it's absolutely for worse. >> is getting our spending under control for worse, though? >> the idea that you would allow us to default is outrageous. and there's no way to even kind of deal with that and to argue that as a legitimate point. >> but do you think arguing that we go off the cliff might be a secure deal? >> you do have the sequester. you may have a budget. i'm not saying you don't have a fight. i'm not saying you p don't have an argument. i'm just saying using the debt ceiling as a point -- >> you don't like it. >> it's not about like. it's about destroying the u.s. economy in the process. >> everyone is talking about the leverage of the debt ceiling. what is the actual damage? >> the damage is -- well,
5:26 pm
moody's has already warned of it and if we do default the debt rating of the united states, even if we don't default, the debt rating of the united states may be lower. here's the practical application of that. generally speaking, if you have a credit rate and your credit rating gets damaged, your rate goes up. the last time this happened in august 2011, america's rates didn't go up. they went down. why? because europe was out there in more of a mess than america was. today that's not necessarily the case. we still have a very low borrowing rate. if our borrowing rate goes up as a result of this, that costs everybody. every loan that everybody toechs goes up. >> back in 2011 it was widely reported that we were downgraded not because we didn't reach that deal, because we were just intrans drent and that's what led to the downgrade and it looks like we're about to be a lot more intrans dent. >> i think the idea that we are not a functioning government.
5:27 pm
that you look at government and they are incapable of doing the prefunt tree work. >> why? what all of a sudden happen? is it cable news? come on. i'm sorry for being a poly anna here but i came to this country 12 years ago. excuse me. almost 20 years ago. it's gone fast. >> two canadians at the table. >> i know, right? and when i got here, it was not like this and cable news was just starting and i sometimes wonder if it's just because you do not want to be called out on tv. >> it could be a bunch of things but where i'm telling you clearly right now, the problem here is the gop on the debt limit. once we get past that, the problem's probably going to be the democrats on spending and margaret says the problem is if you let the debt limit go by, republicans have no leverage. >> you do have the sequester and you have to look at the tea party caucus in the house of representatives. according to what i read, 52% --
5:28 pm
52 of the 59 members of the tea party caucus voted against the bill that prevented us from going over the fiscal cliff. those people are not in washington to play ball. they are in to be dug into their -- that is a problem. >> they may have a merit to their beliefs but don't we all have to negotiate, margaret? >> correct. and the question is and the challenge is, they are very scattered, there is no central leadership. boehner is dinged from this last round. will they get organized #? will they decide what they are going to live with? will they learn the lesson from plan b that they would have came out with a lot better deal than they got and will they play ball? >> well, you know what, they should all go for a beer. it seems to work everywhere else in this country. except for harry reid. sorry, senator. i didn't mean you. >> ali velshi, margaret hoover, thank you. i want to go to other news of the day and i'm sorry that
5:29 pm
it's not something that i like to report. it was a very emotional day in connecticut. since the gunman killed 20 of the classmates, they have returned to class. gary tuchman has a great report from newtown coming up next. since the gunman killed 20 of
5:30 pm
since the gunman killed 20 of since the gunman killed 20 of
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snoof students of sandy hook elementary school went back to school today for the first time since the shooting that killed
5:33 pm
20 of their classmates and six adults in the newtown, connecticut, school. students were relocated to a different one, a building altogether in a different town in monroe, keblth cut. that's because sandy hook is still part of an active investigation and they don't know if the kids will return to that building. there is certainly increased security at the new school, an upgraded system of cameras and locks and parent were there to help the teachers as well. of course, a very emotional day for all. the school superintendent said that they would try to make it as much of a normal rue tin as possible, doing the kinds of things that they know are good for kids and that they would be familiar with. gary tuchman had a chance to talk to a couple of people at newtown. one set of the parents sent their 7-year-old daughter back to school today. >> reporter: he will la is a first grader at sandy hook elementary. >> what do you think you are going to do today? >> i don't know. >> excited to see everyone? >> uh-huh.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: she is eating breakfast, getting ready for her first day of school since the horrible day three weeks ago. >> it's a cheesy egg sandwich, one of our favorites, right? with ketchup. >> reporter: she had her nails painted with sandy hook colors. her mom and dad, amy and ed, believe that she is emotionally ready to go back to the school in the neighboring town where sandy hook for the time being has been relocated. >> have you decided how mom is going to do wrur hair? >>. >> yeah, you're going to braid my hair and i'm going to keep the headbandon. >> reporter: how do you feel about he will la going back to school? >> it's mixed emotions. they say the best thing you can do is get back to your normal routine, that being one of the hardest things you can do. i'm sure they will be safe. i'm sure that school is going to be like ft. knox today but you
5:35 pm
worry how they are going to react. >> reporter: ella was down the hall from where the shootings took place. there was a knock on the classroom door. to everyone's relief, it was the police. >> down the hallway apparently there was a line of officers there and said, you know, close your eyes, you know, and they came right out of the school real quick. >> reporter: does she know that her friends have died? >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. she personally wanted to go to some of the wakes and some of the funerals. >> reporter: and did you that? >> that was her choice. and -- >> reporter: that was really smart of you. >> i don't know. some people would tell me it wasn't. >> reporter: i think it was. to be honest, to your children, as long as they have good parents. >> well, i hope. it was hard. she spent one of the funerals kicking the pew in front of her which i realize was anger. >> reporter: ella says she's nervous but excited to go back to school. she loves math. >> tell me why you love math so
5:36 pm
much. >> i just think it's fun. even though it's hard, we get fun activities to do. and i like working in our workbooks. >> reporter: do you know what one plus one is? >> yes. >> three, right? >> no, it's two. >> reporter: you are right. see, i didn't pay attention in first grade. you obviously are. ella is clearly ready to start the day. the former middle school has been ren nated and receipt tow fitted for its smaller occupants. it's a frigid day and then it's time to head out to the bus stop where she joins three other children and their mothers as the bus pulls up. >> be good. love you. faces carefully. they all vividly remember what happened the last day they put their children on the very same school bus. on the first day back, parent were encouraged to spend the day at school with their children so many parents did. there isn't enough parking at the school so buses were provided for of the parents, too.
5:37 pm
just after 4:00 p. mrk, ella returned home. her first day back turned out to be just fine. sandy hook elementary is open once again. >> and gary tuchman joins me live now from newtown, connecticut. so, gary, how did the day go? what was the atmosphere like for everybody at the school? >> reporter: well, it certainly was an unusual day, ashleigh. it was very emotional. the children walked in and hugged their friends. it was wonderful for the pants to see their children see their friends. there was increased security and we did a story a few weeks ago about the comfort dogs, the golden retrievers brought here by lutheran charities that children can pet to make them feel more comfortable and the comfort dogs were in the school, too. all in all, it was something that had to be done and it was certainly very emotional. one thing i want to add, tomorrow here in newtown, former
5:38 pm
congresswoman gabby giffords will talk to the families of the victims and talk about inspiration. >> it's very nice to hear that. gary, please pass on our thoughts and wishes to the people of newtown. gary tuchman live for us in newtown tonight. coming up, an adoption battle that centers on a little girl named veronica and this battle is about to take a dramatic turn because the two families who love her and who want to raise her are soon going to find out if the u.s. supreme court will even weigh in on their fate. we've got a "360" follow just ahead. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly.
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advanced home management here today. adt. always there.
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a "360" follow up. tomorrow could be a turning point in a story we've been following for months. it's a heartbreaking adoption story. and it's centered around this adorable girl named veronica.
5:42 pm
the couple that she's known for most of her life is fighting to get her back. they petitioned the u.s. supreme court to overturn the ruling that took her away from them and gave her biological father custody of little veronica and now veronica lives in another state altogether. in a private conference room tomorrow, the supreme court justices will discuss this case and they'll decide whether or not they are even going to review it. the court's decision will most certainly shape these two families' futures and possibly a lot of other futures, too. here's cnn's randi kaye. >> this is video from the last time matt and bianca saw veronica, new year's eve 2011. they had raised her for two years and were in the process of adopting her when a south carolina family court ordered them to hand her over to her father's biological father. a man veronica had never even
5:43 pm
met. >> for a little girl to be put in a car with strangers and driven to oklahoma having no recourse or control over it, you know, we're her parents. i'm her father, you know. it's supposed to be there to protect her. >> you want to be an engineer when you grow up? >> yes. >> reporter: now 3, veronica is caught in the middle of one of the strangest adoption cases we've ever heard. it all began in 2009 before she was born when veronica's biological mother put her up for adoption. the couple was thrilled when they were connected with the biological mother. they told them that the father had agreed to waive his biological rights. matt cut the umbilical cord. >> i guess people think that we're not supposed to love her until the ink is dry, kind of care for her until everything
5:44 pm
is, you know, years down the line and she's adopted. >> reporter: they were heartbroken when four months after they brought veronica home her biological father filed for paternity and custody even though he had already signed a legal document saying he would not contest veronica's adoption. he was able to do so, thanks to a little known federal law from 1978 called the indian child welfare act. you see, brown is part cherokee and a member of the cherokee nation which means veronica is part cherokee, too. congress passed the law after finding 30% of indian children were being removed from their homes and almost all of them were being placed with nonindian families. the law is designed to keep indian children with indian family members and protect the interests of those children. >> i don't know how tearing a child away from the only family she's ever known without any transition period and no
5:45 pm
visitation is in her best interest. >> reporter: the attorney general for the cherokee nation thinks the law is working. >> it's not anyone's ever intent to rip a child away from a loving home but we want to make sure those loving homes have the opportunity to be indian homes first. >> >> reporter: after the family court ruled in dustin brown's favor, the couple petitioned the south carolinaetition court hoping the higher court would overturn the ruling. in july, after three months of waiting they got more bad news. the supreme court in south carolina ruled in favor of the biological father. it wasn't an easy decision for the court, though. the justices were split 3-2. in the majority opinion, they wrote, they are up40e8ding the family court's ruling with a heavy heart. the majority opinion concluded the biological father and his family have created a safe, loving, and appropriate home for
5:46 pm
her. those in the descenting opinion argued federal law should not strump state law that father knowingly abandoned his fatherly responsibilities in every respect. lawyers for brown say that he is a good parent and she a happy and thriving. they say they have only been allowed to speak with her once. >> we told her we loved her and she said i love you, too. and that was it. >> that was it. >> but matt and melanie haven't given up. they are taking their case to the united states supreme court. >> you don't ever stop fighting for your chirn, ever. >> the united states supreme court doesn't take that many cases. they get 7,000 cases a year and they take about 80. >> yep. >> reporter: why do you think they should take this one? >> so many families have been hurt by the misuse of this law
5:47 pm
and we've said before, too, we don't think it's necessarily a bad law with bad intention, but it's definitely being misused. it doesn't apply. she wasn't removed from an existent indian home. she was with us from the very beginning. >> this is her room. >> reporter: and in some ways, veronica is still with them. her bedroom is still set up. >> i look around and i see her toys and her books and her little cook set. >> it makes it harder but taking it away is the hardest. >> you know, this is her home. it will always be her home but she's going to come home. she's going to play well the stuff again. >> it's a symbol of our hope that she's coming home. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn,is. we're going to follow the court's decision very closely in the days ahead and of course we're going to bring it to you. still to m could, secretary of state hillary clinton back at home after being hospitalized with a blood clot and now there
5:48 pm
is word about when she's going to return to work and we're going to have it for you next. so, um, whoever's fathered the most children, gets the most data. let's just do it by hair. body hair? most dental work. what? [ phones buzzing and beeping ] stop downloading, and stop liking everything. it should be by who has the least amount of cartilage in their left knee. [ mom ] i just want to take a bath. [ male announcer ] say no to sharing. say yes to sprint. with truly unlimited data, text and calling.
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there's a lot happening tonight so let's check in on the latest with other stories that we're following. iss isha sesay is here. >> five men were charged with the gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old woman. the trial is expected to begin this week. authorities haven't decided whether to charge a sixth suspect as a juvenile. secretary of state hillary clinton has been out of the hospital for just about 24 hours now. she's continuing to recover at home from a blood clot in her head. the state department says she is looking forward to getting back to the office and plans to return next week. actor gerard depardieu who ditched his french citizenship has a new home if he'd like it. a russian citizen.
5:52 pm
russia has a 13% flat tax rate. if he plans on moving, he better back some long johns. that's all i've got to say. >> it's a really good thing anderson isn't here because the last time i saw her report on gerard depardieu, it was not pretty. >> thankfully you're here, ashleigh. we've been counting down your top choices for the best requested ridiculist" for 2012 and this involves jimmy kimmel and anderson giggling. it's coming up next. in your ability to be ready. and this involves jimmy kimmel and anderson giggling. it's coming up next. ridiculist"d this involves jimmy kimmel and anderson giggling. it's coming up next. ridiculist" this involves jimmy kimmel and anderson giggling. it's coming up next. ridiculist" this involves jimmy kimmel and anderson giggling. it's coming up next. ridiculist" this involves jimmy kimmel and anderson giggling. it's coming up next. tiridiculis this involves jimmy kimmel and anderson giggling. it's coming up next. esridiculiss involves jimmy kimmel and anderson giggling. it's coming up next. anridiculis involves jimmy kimmel and anderson giggling. it's coming up next. nridiculis
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tonight number two on the 2012 "ridi krachlt ulist" countdown and this has jimmy kimmel. take a look. >> there have been a few occasions during this part of the show where i've had trouble and haven't been able to stop laughing particularly when certain kinds of words come up, words like asphalt, really high brow stuff. i can only hope, look, i'm not proud of it but i can't help it. i have a sense of humor as a 12-year-old. jimmy kimmel has a theory. watch this from "jimmy kimmel live." >> at the end of the show anderson does a show called the "ridiculist." it tickled mr. cooper, to say the least.
5:57 pm
>> the girl is standing back from a pussywillow branch. >> take a look. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry. [ laughter ] >> i've got to let it out. >> i think anderson cooper is high. how else do you explain that? [ applause ] >> the word pussy willow is not
5:58 pm
that funny. no word is that funny. nothing has ever been that funny. i like to see drug t
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